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1. Our usual website and application costing only include development work, if proposal does not have any purchase clause then company will not responsible any purchases like hosting, domain, SMS API etc.

2. Project can only define by company proposal it cannot be taken as clone of any website, application or service.

3. Changes in design cannot be done once website and application development will start.

4. Company will only handover project to client or a person who is authorized by client

5. Company will not be going to add any extra cost to existing features but additional features and changes will cost extra

6. Features that are mentioned in proposal cannot be increased in size by referring some other website or application’s same feature, features can only define by proposal

7. Design we will complete as per reference of client, minor design changes will be acceptable but client cannot ask for full design change if design is created as per his reference

8. Delay in milestone release will not going to count in timeline, And company can delay the development process if client will make the late payment

9. If proposal does not have any mention then project does not include any graphic related works, designing any graphics to achieve suggested UI, creating logo and other graphic related content need provide by client or will charge extra

10. pAAgal Company will not have right for the products they developed for clients but pAAgal Company can reuse project files in other projects

11. Client cannot force to transfer source code of project, release version of software or website if there is any amount is pending

12. Refund is only applicable if we denied to complete the project requirement which mentioned in proposal or not able to complete the project

13. Refund will process on milestone basis, only failed milestone are applicable for refunds, Advance in not refundable in any situation

14. Company can close the project in cases like too much changes, requirements changed than discussed, delayed in milestones, bad behavior of client, Not responding to any contact queries

15. In case of project cancellation company will not provide refund, if pAAgal Company will cancel project client can ask for source code till last milestone within 15 days of cancellation

16. Company does not maintain backups for projects, once source code is transferred you can ask for source code again but company is not bounded to provide again

17. Support will end as soon someone else from pAAgal Company will edit the code files

18. pAAgal Company is not responsible for play store/app store submission/app removal/account termination if application or script does not comply with play store/app store policies

17. Readymade script does not comes with any dedicated support, it will charged separately.

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